Our breakfast pastries, cookies, cakes and other sweet treats are made with rbst-free, locally made butter and dairy products, flour from sustainably grown wheat farms in Washington state, and the best chocolate, nuts and fruits we can find. We search high and low for ingredients of the best quality and value, with a focus on local, small producer, and sustainably produced/grown items. One bite and you will taste the difference.

Our danish, croissant, and brioche are made on site in the traditional French manner a process that takes three days from mix to lamination to bake. Orders of 15 pieces or more require three days advance notice.

  • croissant
  • chocolate croissant
  • almond croissant
  • ham & gruyere croissant
  • danish [with seasonal fillings]
  • cinnamon crown
  • fruit bressane
  • pain aux raisins
  • gibassier
  • petite brioche
  • cornmeal pound cake
  • irish soda bread [thu, fri, sat]
  • seasonal loaf [pumpkin, cranberry walnut, banana]
  • brioche loaf
    petite brioche

Every morning we bake an assortment of these
treats (every item may not be available every day).

  • valhrona white chocolate sandwich cookie
  • chocolate chunk cookie
  • oatmeal raisin cookie
  • ginger cookie
  • peanut butter cookie
  • snickerdoodle
  • shortbread [assorted flavors]
  • espresso walnut brownie
  • raspberry brownie
  • bouchon & mini bouchon
  • apple mascarpone rustic tart
  • vanilla eclair
  • little lemon tart
  • cupcakes
    chocolate bouchon

Flavors and filling vary by day, and by season.  One or two varieties available per day.

  • strawberry
  • lemon
  • raspberry
  • mocha
  • almond
  • coffee
  • caramel
  • chocolate
  • hazelnut chocolate
  • pistachio apricot
  • huckleberry orange
  • ginger peach
  • caramel & grey salt
  • vanilla bean
  • lime coconut

parisian macarons (chocolate & strawberry)
We offer a selection of cakes and tarts each day, served by the slice. Like all of our pastries, our cakes and tarts are made fresh to order, from scratch with the finest ingredients. Whole cakes and tarts may be ordered with two days advance notice.

serve 12-16

  • almond cake [orange glaze]
  • apple raisin cake [rum glaze]
  • carrot cake [orange glaze]
  • chocolate chiffon cake [rum glaze]
  • poppy seed cake [orange glaze]
  • apricot lemon pistachio cake [orange glaze]
  • lemon creme fraiche cake
  • hazelnut coffee cake
  • apple semolina cake
  • cranberry almond coffee cake
    carrot cake

serve 12-16
(sometimes available by the slice)

  • chocolate birthday cake
    devils food cake, oregon raspberry preserves,
    bittersweet chocolate ganache frosting
  • carrot cake
    with coconut & walnuts, cream cheese filling and frosting
  • coconut cream cake
    coconut sponge cake filled with vanilla pastry cream,
    bittersweet chocolate ganache frosting
  • german chocolate cake
    devils food cake, coconut pecan filling,
    bittersweet chocolate ganache frosting
  • poppy seed cake
    orange poppy seed cake, apricot preserves,
    cream cheese frosting
  • pumpkin cake
    spiced pumpkin cake with molasses
    buttercream filling and frosting
  • grandads lemon cake
    genoise filled with lemon curd, frosted
    with bittersweet chocolate ganache
  • italian cream cake
    coconut pecan sponge cake, cream cheese pecan filling and frosting
    italian cream cake

serve 8
(also available by the slice)

  • basque tart
  • torta di pignoli

serve 1-2

  • salted caramel tart with chocolate shortbread crust