Good flavor develops during the fermentation stage of the bread-making process. At Pearl Bakery, we use different leavening methods, or preferments, to extend fermentation and give each variety of bread its own unique flavor. Our breads are made only with unbleached wheat flour, water, sea salt, and sometimes yeast. We never add preservatives or dough conditioners. A few of our breads include nuts, dried fruits, olives, specialty flours, spices and/or herbs, as noted below.

This is what most people consider to be traditional French bread think baguette. Poolish is a very liquid, yeast-based starter that is allowed to ferment for 16-24 hours before being mixed into dough. This starter imparts a nutty, rich aroma, crisp crust and soft, open crumb.

  • ficelle 8 oz
  • baguette 12 oz
  • parisienne 24 oz
  • pistolet grande 8 oz
  • pistolet / petit pain 2 oz
  • decorative shapes sunflower, epi, fougasse
    {available upon request or at the bakers whim}

Levain is a culture of flour and water in which wild yeast and flavor-producing bacteria naturally occur. This is a sourdough in the traditional French style, with a mild, complex tang not at all like a harsh, vinegary San Francisco sour. No commercial yeast is added. Daily feedings of flour and water are necessary to maintain the delicate balance between yeast and bacteria. Pain au Levain is characterized by a dense crumb, chewy crust, and slightly sour flavor great with cheeses and charcuterie.

  • wheat levain 24 oz
  • demi-baguette 4 oz
  • walnut levain 16 oz
  • green olive levain 16 oz
  • pane coi santi 22 oz

We consider Pugliese to be our signature bread here at Pearl we love it! It is enormously holey with a delicious, chewy crust. A silky texture is created through the addition of a splash of extra virgin olive oil. Our Ciabatta (rustic Italian slipper bread) is merely a smaller version of Pugliese. We also offer it jam-packed with kalamata olives.

  • ciabatta 16 oz
  • kalamata olive ciabatta 16 oz
  • pugliese 4 lb
  • mezzo pugliese 2 lb

An Italian country bread leavened with a pate fermentee: a portion of yesterdays dough that is held over to spur fermentation and enhance flavor. A mixed starter is made from a hunk of pate fermentee, water and flour. This is fermented for a number of hours before being mixed into dough. With its fine, tender crumb and thin crust, Paesano is great for sandwiches (especially our famous PB & J), bruschetta, or alongside a bowl of pasta. This dough also makes up our famous, hand-knotted Kaiser Rolls.

  • paesano 20 oz
  • kaiser roll 3.5 oz

Italian for little breads, these rolls have been a staple at Pearl since the day we opened our doors. Enjoy them for breakfast, a snack, or better yet, make a sandwich out of one.

  • fig anise 3.5 oz
  • chocolate 3.5 oz
  • walnut 3.5 oz
  • pecan rosemary 3.5 oz

Looking to boost your daily intake of whole grains? Have your cake and eat it too! Our multigrain is hearty, loaded with whole grains and seeds, and it is absolutely delicious.

  • boule or batard 22 oz
  • roll 3.5 oz

A traditional German dark rye bread, based on a formula that helped the US Team win the Specialty Bread category at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in 1996. It is dark, chewy and wholesome. Great with aged cheeses and smoked/cured meats or fish. Made on Thursdays.

  • batard 1.5 lb

Another traditional, old world, German whole grain rye bread, lighter in color than Roggenbrot, and with the addition of steel cut oats. This bread is time-consuming to make and requires an aging period of at least two days before it can be sliced. Slice it very thin and enjoy with butter and marmalade or soft, fresh cheeses. Keeps in a paper bag for weeks. Does contain trace amounts of wheat. Available upon request or at the bakers whim. Sold by the pound.

  • pullman loaf

Our breads keep best for 1 to 3 days after purchase. Store bread in a paper bag in a bread box or cupboard. To refresh your bread, sprinkle top with water and place in a warm oven at 350F for 15 minutes.